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Practice Your Times Tables

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"This game is special - My students LOVE this game, and the more I play it, the more I do also. It is a very well designed math app, with multiple games-within-the-game. Explore it a little bit and you’ll see what I mean."
- App Store Review

"Math teacher here and I love this one - Not sure where I heard about Space Pig but I am very happy I did. My students (6-9yrs old) have really enjoyed playing it, and many of the younger ones have learned their first multiplication concepts just by playing the game. I have played A LOT of math games and this one is very near the top of the list. Check it out I think you will be pleasantly surprised."
- App Store Review

"Awesome game! - Fun and entertaining way for kids to learn and practice multiplication. For adults it is a trip down the memory lane to the 80’s arcade games with a cute math flavor."
- App Store Review

"There are books that say they make math fun... but this is ACTUALLY FUN!"
- Andras, age 9

"This game is Freaking Awesome!"
- Bharathwaj, age 33

"I would rather play this game than clean my room."
- Lily, age 8

"It's slightly more fun than my math worksheets..."
- Nora, age 10

"Hey Conlan, remember that box that said 'Don't Check This Box'?" -- "Yeah, I checked it immediately."
- Kellen, age 10; Conlan, age 11

"This might be the greatest game of all time."
- Space Pig, age unknown

About the Game

Space Pig Math is an action game for practicing your times tables - up to 12x12 - with satisfying, visceral feedback and retro-inspired visuals and sounds.

It was crafted with love, by a game-industry veteran (and dad), in the belief that in this age of technological marvels, there is no reason that practicing times tables can't be genuinely FUN!

Blast through waves of asteroids and aliens to save Space Pig's Friends - they in turn will give you awesome powerups to help you out!

The game rewards correct, consecutive, and quick answers with over-the-top explosions and effects. It is easy and accessible for the novice, but the challenge is also there for the pros.

Each times table is covered through four unique modes:

  • Start with Review to gain a visual understanding of multiplication.
  • Relax in Puzzle mode, blasting answers at your leisure.
  • Take a break in Free-For-All - pure arcade action, no math required.
  • Then put it all together in Challenge mode - use your reflexes and smarts to save Space Pig's Friends!

You can try the first two levels for free - the game contains a single in-app purchase to unlock the rest. No wifi connection is required to play, except when making the purchase. Also:

  • No ads!
  • No subscriptions!

Whether you are completely new to multiplication, or a times-tables ninja, everyone will enjoy this game.